SN:  31674 (1968) (Excellent Working Condition, excepting bottom note)

Table Diameter: 46"
Maximum Swing: 59-1/2"
Maximum Height under Rail: 67"
Vertical Travel of Turret Head: 31"
Horizontal Travel of Turret Head: 58"
Vertical Travel of Cross Rail: 51"
Turret Slide Tilt: L-R 30 Deg.
2-Axis Feed Simultaneous
Rapid Traverse
Feeds (Variable): .001-.250 IPR
Main Drive (Variable Speeds): 50 HP
   High Range: 0 - 400 RPM     Low Range: 0 - 200 RPM
Turret Head Tool Size: 3-3/8" Diameter
Approximate Weight: 45,000 Lbs.
Approximate Dimensions: 132" L x 120" D x 144" H

Equipped With:
4-Jaw Independent Chuck
Left Side Ram
Right Side 5-Position Turret
Hardened Ways
Anilam 2-Axis Digital Readout
	L-R on Rail, U/D on Turret and Ram
Misc. Tooling

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